The DOT Physical: 5 Helpful Tips To Ensure You Pass With Flying Colors


If you are interested in obtaining your commercial drivers license, you will likely be required to take a DOT physical. This special medical examination ensures that you are healthy enough to operate large -- and potentially dangerous -- vehicles and machinery. While this exam might seem scary, it shouldn't. However, if you are worried about passing the physical, follow these five tips to ensure you pass:

1. Avoid Nicotine, Caffeine, and Cold Medications

If you tend to have high blood pressure when at the doctor, try to avoid things that might make your blood pressure spike. Nicotine, caffeine, and cold medications can all cause your blood pressure to rise. So if you have issues with borderline high blood pressure, be sure you avoid all of these items the morning of your appointment. You might even want to avoid them for a full day or longer, just to ensure that your blood pressure remains stable and in a healthier range.

2. Take Medications As Prescribed

If you are taking any prescription medication, make sure to take it as prescribed. Taking certain medications late might cause your DOT physical results to be skewed, so be sure to take them on time. If you will be at your appointment when you usually take your medication, bring it with you and take it while at the appointment.

3. Bring Documents and Glasses

During your physical, the doctor will likely need to know about your medical history. They will need to know what medications you are currently taking, as well as whether you wear glasses. To make their job easier, make sure you bring a list of any medications you are taking. If you do not have a list, bring the bottles of medication with you. Additionally, make sure you bring your glasses and the prescription as well. Finally, don't forget to bring along contact information for you, your work, and any emergency contacts.

4. Eat Light

If your appointment isn't until the afternoon, make sure you eat healthy and light during the morning. Eating a big meal can affect your blood sugar, which might make your physical results inaccurate. So if you need to eat, make sure you eat something healthy and light. A lettuce wrap, veggies and hummus, or a salad should tide you over until after the appointment.

5. Drink Plenty Of Water

Finally, make sure you drink plenty of water before your appointment. The doctor will need a urine sample, so it is helpful to go to the appointment with a full bladder. This will speed up the appointment, as you won't be waiting around until you need to urinate.

While a DOT physical exam might seem a little complicated, it really isn't. It is a basic physical to ensure you are healthy enough to operate large machinery. If you are worried about passing this exam, use these tips to ensure you are at your healthiest while visiting the doctor.


13 May 2016

Making Health Care A Priority

When it comes to taking care of yourself, some people only think about what they should avoid. However, making health care a priority is as much about preventing as it is about treating existing conditions. When I learned that I had skin cancer a few years ago, all I could think about was all of the sunblock I never put on. I want you to understand how to prevent problems, so that you can live a better life. Check out these articles to understand how to make health care a priority, and when you should visit with your doctor. It might seem like a small decision, but doing a little reading might make all the difference later.