How Thermiva Can Help Reduce Your Urinary Leakage Issues


If you are beginning to suffer from mild urinary leakage due to the initial stages of a pelvic floor prolapse, you might want to look into a non-surgical procedure known as thermiva. This procedure does not only help with urinary leakage issues, but it is also beneficial for other reasons. Here are several things to know about thermiva.

What Is It?

Thermiva is a procedure that is FDA approved and used primarily for tightening the walls in the vagina. Some women choose to have this done simply to have a tighter vagina to experience more satisfaction during intercourse, but others have this completed to solve issues such as vaginal dryness and difficulty achieving orgasm.

How Does It Help With Urinary Leakage?

Urinary leakage is a common problem with women, and it tends to worsen as women age. It is typically a result of loosened or weak muscles located near the vagina, bladder, and other organs in the abdominal area. Over time and after having babies, these muscles can no longer hold up the internal organs, and this can lead to a weak bladder.

During the thermiva procedure, a doctor will use radiofrequency energy which produces heat that stimulates the muscles in these areas to tighten. When the muscles tighten, your bladder will have more support and may no longer leak like it once did. The heat from this energy also stimulates the production of collagen, which is tissue. As tissue rebuilds in this area, it will naturally help your vagina become tighter.

Does It Hurt?

The good news about thermiva is that it does not hurt at all. You may feel the warmth of the heat produced by the handheld device used during this, but you are not likely to feel any discomfort. In addition, you will not have to worry about downtime after it is completed. In fact, you can actually have sexual intercourse the same day as you have this procedure completed.

To get the results you desire from this, you may need to have this procedure completed several times. You can find out how many treatments you should have and how far to space them apart by talking to a clinic that offers this service.

If you are tired of urinary leaks and you would like to experience better sexual experiences, you may want to look into having thermiva completed. To learn more, contact a clinic today.


23 June 2016

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