Preventing Back-To-School Lice Outbreaks At Home


Back to school means new teachers, new clothes, and possible lice infestation. For parents of grade school kids, the reality of lice can wreck their schedule for several days and cause them to examine their own hair multiple times a day. The entire family will benefit if your kids can avoid bringing those pests home. No method is foolproof, but a little training can make it less likely that lice come to visit this school year.

Hair Prevention

If your daughter or son has long hair, you need to minimize the number of areas it will touch during the day. Lice do crawl, so making it harder for them to crawl onto your child is an excellent preventative measure. Lice-savvy mothers suggest braiding hair or putting it in an updo. Going very short is also an excellent idea. Keeping hair out of the way at least reduces the danger that lice will find a home in your child's head. If your children will tolerate it, try applying natural oils that are known to repel lice. Tea tree oil is frequently cited as an effective substance for this task.

No Sharing

Kids are by nature generous and like to share their personal items at school, including hats, combs, brushes, and helmets. Obviously, you cannot monitor your child constantly, but you can continue to preach the do-not-share message. You may be more effective if you also list the items your children should share such as treats and games. That way they don't get the wrong message about generosity.


Although you may be overcome with horror at the thought of lice, you don't want your children to think catching them is a reflection on cleanliness or their behavior, especially since no amount of precaution can ensure that they don't catch them. You want your children to be concerned but not seriously worried about the condition. This line is a tough one to walk, but as a parent, you are certainly skilled at conveying the right tone.

Lice are an unfortunate reality for parents of school-aged children, particularly of those in the lower grades. Young kids will literally put their heads together while they play and even study. Take as many preventative measures as you can and then be ready with lice treatments just in case. Remember, if your children get lice, you will be in excellent company. Many parents have to deal with this issue at least once. For more information, contact your child's pediatrician.


10 August 2016

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