Tips For Keeping Morale Up When You Have Manditory Drug Tests


Drug tests are a critical part of many jobs. If people are operating heavy machinery or are teaching children, you definitely don't want them to be under the influence of drugs. However, some people can consider drug tests to be an invasion of personal privacy, rather than the safety measure that they are designed to be. This can reduce morale in your company, as well as productivity. Here are some tips for keeping your drug testing from lowering morale.

1. Explain the Importance of the Drug Tests

The first step is to make it clear why the drug tests are being put in place. You don't want your employees to feel as though you don't trust them or as though they are being punished. Make it clear that you are doing the drug tests as merely a safety precaution to ensure the safety of the person who is being tested and the people around him or her that are depending on that person to have a clear head.

A person under the influence of drugs is going to not deliver clear information to the children that are depending on him or her. A person under the influence of drugs is going to be dangerous operating heavy machinery. The better the explanation that you provide, the better the morale of your employees is going to be.

2. Keep It Fair

Next, be extremely transparent about how you are choosing each person that is being drug tested. You want everyone to feel as though they have an equal chance of being tested for drug use compared to everyone else. This will help keep people from feeling as though they are being singled out, which could result in them not feeling appreciated in their job. By being very clear that you are choosing employees to drug test randomly, you can keep your employees conscientious about not using drugs without lowering their morale.

3. Improve Job Perks

Finally, consider improving the job perks for the person or people that you have chosen to be drug tested that month. This will help offset any concerns or worries that people have about the respect that they are receiving in their jobs. Also be sure to keep who is being tested that month secret in order to protect your employees' privacy as much as possible.

Essentially, drug testing is a necessary part of many jobs in order to keep things safe. Talk to a drug testing company, such as Pecos Drug Testing, for more information about keeping up employee morale. 


6 February 2017

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