Reasons to Buy an Insurance Plan to Act as Secondary to Medicare


When you retire or become disabled, you will be issued a Medicare policy. This policy can grant you access to medical and prescription services that you need as a retiree or someone who has a qualifying disability. 

However, it will not pay for all of those services and could leave you with significant bills of your own to pay. You can make your Medicare work the most for you by purchasing an additional insurance policy to act as secondary to it.

Lowering Your Medical Bills

When you purchase an insurance policy to act as secondary to Medicare, you can take an important step in keeping your medical bills as low as possible. Even after Medicare pays its part for healthcare services that you receive, it can still leave you with hundreds or thousands of dollars in bills to pay out of your own pocket. You may not be able to pay these bills and face going bankrupt.

Instead of incurring such huge bills after going to the doctor or being hospitalized, you can take out a Medicare advantage plan. This plan can pick up any expenses that regular Medicare does not pay. It can lower your bills to a fraction of what you otherwise would have to pay out-of-pocket. It may even pay all of the bills that remain after Medicare covers its part.

Access to Healthcare Services

Medicare alone may not grant you access to healthcare services that you need after you retire or become disabled. Dentists may not take it for services outside of annual cleanings, extractions, or fillings. Optometrists likewise may not be able to bill it for anything other than annual eye checkups.

When you need services like dental or vision care, as well as mental health services or physical rehabilitation, you may need to take out a secondary insurance plan. This plan can pick up the tab for services that Medicare will not cover for you. It can give you access to services that you need to remain healthy and safe after you retire or become physically disabled.

Medicare can provide basic access to medical services that you need for your retirement or a newly diagnosed physical disability. However, it often will not cover all of your medical bills for you. You need to take out an insurance policy that acts as secondary to Medicare. A Medicare Advantage plan can lower or eliminate medical expenses.


22 February 2021

Making Health Care A Priority

When it comes to taking care of yourself, some people only think about what they should avoid. However, making health care a priority is as much about preventing as it is about treating existing conditions. When I learned that I had skin cancer a few years ago, all I could think about was all of the sunblock I never put on. I want you to understand how to prevent problems, so that you can live a better life. Check out these articles to understand how to make health care a priority, and when you should visit with your doctor. It might seem like a small decision, but doing a little reading might make all the difference later.