When to Seek Emergency Care After an Electrical Shock


Most people suffer an electrical shock at some point in their lives. Thankfully, though, most of these electrical shocks are mild. You're stunned, but you're able to go on with your day. Sometimes, though, an electrical shock can be more severe and require medical care. Here are some signs that you, or someone you are with, should seek emergency care after an electrical shock.


Burns that come from electrical shock can be sneaky. They may not look that bad right away, but within an hour or two, it will become clear that the burn is deeper and more severe than you originally thought. For this reason, you don't really want to "wait and see" after a burn caused by an electrical shock. If there is any sort of post-shock burn, seek medical care, even if the burn looks to be mild at the time.


Usually, right after an electrical shock, the person will be stunned and taken aback. However, this feeling passes within a minute or so. If the person is still confused a minute or more after a shock, then they have suffered more serious brain or nerve injury that requires medical care. A good way to tell whether a person is confused is to ask them simple questions, such as "what's your address?" or "who is the current president?" If they are unable to answer or if they give you wrong answers, then seek medical care.

Heart Palpitations

The heart relies on electrical impulses to beat, and sometimes an electrical shock can throw it out of rhythm. If an electrical shock victim feels like their heart is beating erratically, throwing extra beats in, or skipping beats, they are having what's known as palpitations, and they should receive medical care ASAP.

Muscle Contractions and Cramps

Often, an electrical shock causes multiple muscles in the body to seize up and contract. The contractors may continue even after the shock. A person may feel like their arm is moving, but they cannot control it. Or, they may simply have spasms and cramps in some of their muscles. In either case, they should receive medical care to ensure there is no lasting muscle damage.

Suffering an electrical shock injury can be really scary. However, it is never a bad idea to seek electrical injury care, especially if any of the above problems are present. Most injuries of this type are treatable, although you'll need specialized care.


13 May 2021

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