Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Reduce Arthritis Pain


Being diagnosed with arthritis can be life-changing. You may have a harder time moving around and doing the things you love to do. Some changes in your life may be unintentional, but there are also changes you can make (on purpose) to help reduce your arthritis symptoms and keep them under control. Here are a few such changes to consider.

Incorporate Low-Impact Exercise

High-impact exercise, like running and jogging, tends to be hard on your joints when you have arthritis. But lower-impact exercise, like swimming and cycling, can help reduce your arthritis pain. It helps keep your joints loose and limber. It also increases the blood flow to your joints and muscles, which helps keep the inflammation in your joints under control. Many patients with arthritis benefit from joining a local gym with a pool. Even if you don't love swimming, simply walking and moving around in the water can be good for you. Water aerobics classes can be fun, too.

Limit Alcohol Intake

If you drink more than the occasional alcoholic beverage, cutting back is bound to be good for your arthritis management. Alcohol can perpetuate inflammation, and inflammation is at the heart of arthritis. Alcohol is also high in calories, and taking in too many calories can cause you to gain weight, which only causes more strain on your joints. If you enjoy a glass or two of wine on special occasions, you don't have to give that up. But a nightly beer or two with dinner may be a bit too much for someone with arthritis. 

Avoid Inflammatory Foods

Some foods are thought to promote inflammation more than others. In doing so, they can make your arthritis worse. Eating fewer of these foods can therefore help keep your arthritis pain under control. Inflammatory foods to avoid include fried foods, white bread and pasta, sugary drinks, and red meat. In addition to avoiding these inflammatory foods, make sure you also include plenty of foods known to reduce inflammation, such as tomatoes, leafy greens, fatty fish, and fruits. Simply changing up your diet can make a big difference in your arthritis symptoms over time.

Managing arthritis is not just about taking medications. If you get more low-impact exercise, focus on changing your diet, and limit your alcohol intake, you should enjoy greater relief. Talk to local services such as Affinity Health Group to learn more about arthritis treatment options. 


20 December 2021

Making Health Care A Priority

When it comes to taking care of yourself, some people only think about what they should avoid. However, making health care a priority is as much about preventing as it is about treating existing conditions. When I learned that I had skin cancer a few years ago, all I could think about was all of the sunblock I never put on. I want you to understand how to prevent problems, so that you can live a better life. Check out these articles to understand how to make health care a priority, and when you should visit with your doctor. It might seem like a small decision, but doing a little reading might make all the difference later.