What Is Vestibular Rehab?


If you are dealing with vertigo, you may benefit from vestibular rehabilitation. This process uses exercise to help you overcome any imbalance issues and dizziness you have when you suffer from vertigo. The therapy will help you better cope with the symptoms and help you feel better. Here is what you need to know about vestibular rehabilitation.

What Is Vestibular Rehab?

Vestibular rehab is a type of therapy that uses different exercises to help you better handle any feelings of imbalance or dizziness you suffer when you have vertigo. The therapy process can take time, but it has shown to have really good benefits.

Who Can Benefit from Vestibular Rehab?

Anyone who has vertigo or another illness that results in dizziness can benefit from a vestibular rehab program. This includes those who have Meniere disease, suffer from frequent migraines, who have had a stroke, anyone with a traumatic brain injury, and anyone who has vestibular neuritis.

What Happens During Vestibular Rehab Therapy?

Before you begin your therapy program, your symptoms will be checked by an audiologist. You will undergo testing to determine how well the vestibular part of the ear is currently working. A physical therapist will also be involved. They will check your balance, watch how you walk, and look at your legs and arms to determine your levels of strength.

After these evaluations, your therapist will determine your treatment plan. Each program will be different for everyone depending on their needs. In general, vestibular rehab treatment will focus on exercises that work on retraining your balance, and improving your eye movement, in addition to strengthening and stretching.

Your rehab program will last as long as you need it. Most people will have therapy for a couple of months while others may only need one session. Your therapist may also have you do some exercises at home.

What Are the Benefits of Vestibular Rehab?

There are many benefits of vestibular rehab. They include improving your balance, improving your body strength, reducing the risk of falls, helping you learn how to stabilize your vision, and help decrease your feelings of dizziness.

If you are dealing with vertigo and do not know what else you can do to help your symptoms, consider getting rehab treatments. This is a natural and healthy way to get past your symptoms and help you feel better. Talk to your audiologist and a physical therapist to see what your options are for vestibular rehabilitation


16 January 2023

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