3 Ways To Manage The Pain Of Endometriosis


When endometrial tissue grows in abnormal locations, the result is chronic pain that can impede everyday activities. Although managing endometriosis can be complex, there are several treatment approaches to help. 1. Pain Reduction Using pain medications for endometriosis is often necessary, but can pose problems. Since endometriosis is a chronic problem, it is important to try and reserve your pain medications for times during the month when the pain is most severe and integrate other non-medication forms of pain management.

25 July 2018

Sudden Flank Or Abdominal Pain? You Could Have A Bad Kidney Infection


If you suddenly experience a dull ache or pain in your sides or abdomen, you may think you have a bad stomachache or intestinal virus. However, you may actually have a bad infection in your kidneys (pyelonephritis). Back pain isn't the only symptom kidney infections produce. The infections can also cause pain in your sides (or flanks), midsection, groin area, and lower back region. You may also experience a host of other problems that indicate an infection.

6 June 2018