Changes That You May Notice Following A Qi Gong Class


When you're looking for a way to move your body with a group of other likeminded individuals, an aerobics class at a gym or a yoga class at a local studio may immediately come to mind. While both of these pursuits can be enjoyable and beneficial, you might be looking for something a little different. One option to explore is qi gong, which is an ancient Chinese practice that many people continue to enjoy today. A quick online search should help you to easily find a teacher who offers qi gong classes in your community, and you can plan to attend one that is geared toward beginners. Here are some changes that you may notice following a qi gong class.

Deep Relaxation

Unlike aerobics classes that typically take place at an elevated tempo, qi gong movements are slow. The transitions between individual movements are also slow and smooth. Following a qi gong class, you shouldn't be surprised to have feelings of deep relaxation. It's easy to enter into a meditative-like state during the class, as you'll be focusing on the movements and thinking of very little else. If you're the type of person whose mind often feels busy — something that can frequently result in feelings of stress — you'll appreciate the pleasant feeling of relaxation that follows your class.

Reduced Aches And Pains

If you have mild aches and pains in one or more areas of your body, you may notice that these areas feel a lot better after you finish your qi gong class. Unlike some forms of exercise, this isn't an activity that requires you to push your body to the limit. Generally, teachers will encourage you to only perform movements that feel comfortable, especially if you're nursing aches and pains. The stretching that occurs during qi gong can be effective for limbering up loose muscles.

More Range Of Motion

Stiffness in different parts of your body, even if it's not particularly painful, can be challenging in several ways. For example, if you can't turn to one side very well, you may feel limited during your daily movements. You may find that you have more range of motion after practicing qi gong — this is especially true if you commit to taking classes regularly. Improving your range of motion can improve your life. For example, you might feel that you can more comfortably play with your children or grandchildren when your body can move more easily.

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17 December 2020

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