Is Bulimia Increasing Your Risk of Getting Cancer?


Whether you're currently seeking help for your bulimia or not, the act of eating and then purging, you should know that the action of throwing up regularly can potentially increase your risk of developing cancer. Giving up bulimia for the sake of your future is critical to reducing your risk. Here's what you should know about this risk and what you can do to get help. 1. How Bulimia Increases Risk of Cancer

16 June 2020

Three Things to Know About Having a Doula


Doulas provide emotional, educational, physical, and mental support to mothers during the birthing process. Not to be confused with midwives, doulas do not participate in the medical aspects of birth. Instead, they empower pregnant mothers to have positive birth experiences. There are also postpartum doulas that provide support to new parents with birth recovery; however, the best-known type of doulas may also be thought of as birth companions and advocates for new mothers.

11 February 2020