What You Need To Know About CBD Oil And Workplace Drug Testing


As the popularity of CBD oil continues to grow, many people are curious about whether it will show up on a drug test. Drug tests are commonly used by employers to screen potential employees and ensure that current employees are not using illegal drugs. Therefore, it is important to understand how CBD oil may impact drug test results. Here is what you need to know. What Does the Drug Test Detect?

20 April 2023

Benefits Of Using A Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic


Illness or injuries can strike you or your family anytime, including when your primary care doctor's office is closed for the weekend or after hours. During that time, you still may need medical services to treat your symptoms and feel better as quickly as possible. However, you may not want to head to the emergency room to get help for your illness or injury. Instead, you may get the healthcare services you need at a local walk-in urgent care clinic.

7 March 2023

What Is Vestibular Rehab?


If you are dealing with vertigo, you may benefit from vestibular rehabilitation. This process uses exercise to help you overcome any imbalance issues and dizziness you have when you suffer from vertigo. The therapy will help you better cope with the symptoms and help you feel better. Here is what you need to know about vestibular rehabilitation. What Is Vestibular Rehab? Vestibular rehab is a type of therapy that uses different exercises to help you better handle any feelings of imbalance or dizziness you suffer when you have vertigo.

16 January 2023