Tips For Keeping Morale Up When You Have Manditory Drug Tests


Drug tests are a critical part of many jobs. If people are operating heavy machinery or are teaching children, you definitely don't want them to be under the influence of drugs. However, some people can consider drug tests to be an invasion of personal privacy, rather than the safety measure that they are designed to be. This can reduce morale in your company, as well as productivity. Here are some tips for keeping your drug testing from lowering morale.

6 February 2017

Do You Suffer With Debilitating Osteoarthritis? Look At Your Options For Chronic Pain Management


Waking up every day to aching joint pain can have a severe impact on your quality of life, making it hard to carry out the normal activities in your daily routine. Dealing with chronic pain can take a toll on your emotional well-being as well as your physical health. Learning more about your options for managing advanced osteoarthritis pain is an important step for you to maintain a normal way of life.

7 November 2016

Preventing Back-To-School Lice Outbreaks At Home


Back to school means new teachers, new clothes, and possible lice infestation. For parents of grade school kids, the reality of lice can wreck their schedule for several days and cause them to examine their own hair multiple times a day. The entire family will benefit if your kids can avoid bringing those pests home. No method is foolproof, but a little training can make it less likely that lice come to visit this school year.

10 August 2016

Want To Treat Your Varicose Veins, But Afraid Of Surgery? What Are Your Minimally Invasive Options?


If you're like many adults, varicose veins can often go hand in hand with the aging process (or with pregnancy). While these veins can sometimes become less noticeable after weight loss or after keeping your feet up all evening, once they've begun to bulge, they won't fix themselves -- yet you may be worried at the prospect of surgical vein removal for what you consider a primarily cosmetic issue. Fortunately, there are now some much less invasive options that can rid you of your varicose veins with just an office visit or two.

26 July 2016

3 Ways to Help Support a Friend Who Has Been Diagnosed with Cancer


If you have a friend who has just gotten a cancer diagnosis, you may not know how you should react or what you can do for your friend. Getting a diagnosis of cancer, no matter how treatable the cancer is, is going to be very scary for your friend. Many people may end up not talking to your friend just because they don't know what to say or do. That can make your friend feel very isolated.

5 July 2016

What You Should Know About Fetal Macrosomia And How It Can Affect You


When you are pregnant, the health of your unborn child becomes your biggest concern. You want to make sure that your baby is thriving and growing in your uterus and that they develop as they should. However, many women are under the somewhat misguided impression that the goal is to have their baby get as big as possible before they give birth. While a premature and/or underweight baby can certainly have health problems immediately after birth due to these circumstances, a child that is too large can also have health concerns.

4 July 2016

How Thermiva Can Help Reduce Your Urinary Leakage Issues


If you are beginning to suffer from mild urinary leakage due to the initial stages of a pelvic floor prolapse, you might want to look into a non-surgical procedure known as thermiva. This procedure does not only help with urinary leakage issues, but it is also beneficial for other reasons. Here are several things to know about thermiva. What Is It? Thermiva is a procedure that is FDA approved and used primarily for tightening the walls in the vagina.

23 June 2016